Much more than just a visit to a winery in Valpolicella

A journey to the heart of wine

Walking through the vineyards, seeing with your own eyes the magic of fermentation, feeling small in front of the gigantic oak tonneaux in which the wine rests and matures… a visit to our wine cellar is a journey into the heart of Valpolicella tradition, a fascinating journey that allows you to relive the magical atmosphere of a place where you can breathe and taste quality wine.

Visits are possible all year round from Monday to Saturday, and also on Sundays, by prior arrangement. Contact us.


Walks through the vineyards

From June to October, the vineyards are transformed: the inflorescences that become berries and the formation of the bunches of grapes, right up to the veraison that precedes the harvest, are a feast for the eyes. A walk through the vineyards in the heart of Valpolicella is a relaxing experience and a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the evolution of the plants and grapes. The experience is available for groups of a minimum of 10 people with a minibus. Explanations in Italian, English, German, available from June to October. Contact us for more information on our vineyard walks in Valpolicella.

Guided tours

Visit to the Winery

A journey through the history of Valpolicella wine and a unique opportunity to discover traditional winemaking methods and learn the secrets of an art as old as man himself. We will tell you the history of our Cantina and explore together the grapes, wines and production techniques that have made Valpolicella wine and style great. At the end of the visit there will be a guided tasting, through which you can sample your favourite Scriani wines.

Getting to know Valpolicella wines

Tasting our wines

What is the best glass in which to taste the complexity of Amarone? And what are the best dishes to pair with Ripasso? What are the typical notes and aromas of Valpolicella? These are just some of the questions that are answered during our tastings. A real tour of our wines, during which we will answer your curiosities and reveal some of the secrets behind the success of our most award-winning wines. An opportunity for enthusiasts and the merely curious to appreciate not only the complexity of a finished product, but also to discover in the best way possible a unique territory and how those who work there manage to make it so.

Sensory Experiences in Valpolicella

A journey into our world!

Book a visit to the cellar to experience the magic of winemaking with your own eyes and taste our best wines. Visits are possible all year round from Monday to Saturday and also on Sundays, subject to prior booking.