The Winery

Winery in Valpolicella

History and Philosophy

In an area that makes the historicity of its wine cellars a boast, Scriani stands out as a winery in Valpolicella because it speaks with simplicity and honesty.
Scriani was born from a small plot of land, leased by a father to his son, ‘just’ thirty years ago. A family like many others, the desire to dedicate themselves to work in the fields and the perseverance of someone who knows manual labour.
The winery grows and immediately becomes a ‘family affair’. Everyone is involved and participates, everyone lives according to the rhythms of wine, everyone respects what they do best. For Scriani, making wine is a choral work, a choice, a responsibility towards the land that gives back as much as it takes.

A valuable asset we take care of

Land and Landscapes

Fumane, the heart of classic Valpolicella: it is here that Scriani tends its most precious vineyards, at Monte S.Urbano and La Costa.

Situated at an altitude of between 250 and 400 metres above sea level, Scriani’s lands are bordered by the typical vaio, the watercourses that are channelled into small, mossy gorges, characteristic of the Valpolicella landscape.

The vines are rooted in medium-textured soils, with strong components of basaltic tuffs and grey limestones belonging to the tropical seas that covered the area in the Eocene epoch, particularly suitable for vineyards destined for very high quality production.

A landscape and cultural heritage

Places and History

It is impossible to forget the terraced slopes with their dry stone walls, cherry and olive trees and the expanse of vineyards that characterise the Valpolicella hills.

Before your eyes lies an enchanted landscape, dotted with old farmhouses, stately homes and austere Romanesque churches that tell the stories of those who have always made work in the vineyards the centre of their existence.

The Valpolicella Classica area extends over just 200 square kilometres, in the hills between Verona and Lake Garda. A unique, generous land that gives grapes and wines with a strong personality, known and appreciated since Roman times, and that today our winery in Valpolicella aims to enhance to the highest level.

Research, passion and dedication

The Winery

“Wine is made in the country. Whites with technology, reds with sweat”.

A philosophy, a way of life, a truth: Stefano, the oenologist and owner, follows each stage of the delicate and fascinating process of transforming grapes into wine with great care and delicacy: from working in the fields to assembling the grapes for vinification, to resting for ageing, which takes place in French and Slavonian oak barriques, chosen with care and skill to enhance the personality of Scriani wines.

Attention to detail and respect for the land

The Vineyards

From the initial one and a half hectares to the more than thirty currently owned by Scriani, the cultivation of the vineyards has always received the painstaking attention of Stefano Cottini.

Every farm and every small plot of land is cared for in every detail, arranged and combed with respect for the surrounding environmental balance. Vineyard management never resorts to water-intensive forcing, preserving the neighbouring wooded areas, a reservoir of biodiversity that adds further complexity and character to the grapes.

The ‘Ronchiel’, ‘Mandolari’, ‘Bosco’, ‘Carpanè’, ‘Tondin’, ‘La Costa’ and other small plots contain vines between 9 and 40 years old, with traditional planting layouts and trained using the pergola system (simple and double). This system allows a density of about 3,500 vines per hectare, with a production of about 8/10 tonnes/ha of grapes of the highest quality, cultivated and harvested by hand according to the concepts of the best and most consolidated vine-growing tradition.

Sensory Experiences

A Journey into Our World!

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